New chairman for Police Federation of England and Wales

STEVE White has been elected the new chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales

Mr White, (pictured) who has been the vice-chairman of the staff association and is an inspector, replaces the retiring Steve Williams.

The other candidate in the election was Will Riches, who had been chairman of the constables’ central committee.

Only the 30 people on the organisation’s joint central committee were able to vote. With the ballot tied at 15 all, a coin toss was held to decide who would be chairman. Mr Riches called incorrectly.

A Federation statement said: “The vote for chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales was equally split.  In accordance with the election rules, the chairman was elected on the toss of a coin.”

Mr White joined Avon and Somerset Constabulary in September 1988. He was promoted to sergeant in 2001 – a time when he also became a Fed representative, before later going on to be promoted to inspector.

At the Police Federation annual conference in May 2011, Mr White was elected to the Inspectors’ Central Committee – he was then elected to the position of national vice-chairman in November 2012.

After his election, he said: “I am  honoured to have been elected chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales at such a pivotal time for the organisation.  This has been an historic week.

“We have been given a clear mandate to progress the reforms needed to better represent the hard working police officers throughout England and Wales.  We are all committed to the work needed to implement change to the Police Federation.  This is not the end of the road; it is the start of the journey.”

In his spare time he is a private pilot and treasurer of a local flying group who jointly owns and flies an aircraft based at Gloucester airport. According to the Police Federation website he “also enjoys riding his motorbike, both in the UK and Europe given half the chance”.

The new general secretary of the Police Federation of England and Wales – replacing the retiring Ian Rennie – is Met Sgt Andy Fittes.