Specials set to join Federation

THE Government wants to demonstrate its ‘respect and support’ for policing by launching a new police covenant and has backed plans for Special Constables to become members of the PFEW.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid unveiled plans for the covenant agreement at the recent PFEW Bravery Awards.

He said it would enshrine Government support to officers which they ‘richly deserve’ and that it is a pledge to recognise the sacrifices they make.

More details on what the covenant will include will be ratified in ‘due course’ he said but he confirmed it would recognise that police officers are not just employees and that the office of constable comes with ‘a high level of accountability and responsibility’.

“I’m pleased to announce that the Government plans to introduce the police covenant to provide the support the police deserve,” he said.

“This will be a pledge to do more as a nation to help those who serve this country. It will ensure the sacrifice made by the police is properly recognised and I’m in awe of every officer who plays their part in keeping this country safe.

“Rest assured the Government has your back – and the police covenant will make sure of that.”

PFEW Chair John Apter (pictured) said it was evidence that the Government was now listening to policing’s concerns.

“This is really good news for policing and for colleagues,” he said.

“It’s clear that the Home Secretary and others within Government and elsewhere have been listening to what we have asked and have acted.”